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Why Use Hose Reels

1. No Fuss

The number one reason for using a hose reel is to make sure your hose is where you want it when you need.

When you install a hose reel you never start a job by untangling hose.

2. Maximum Safety

If you are using hoses and there is a chance they are left on the ground then you need to install reels. Spring retractable reels encourage operators to wind up the hose each time dramatically reducing the time it spends uncoiled causing potential danger.

3. Stop Damage & Stop Leaks

Hose has a natural grain which causes it to coil. Hose on reels holds this natural coil, whereas hose in a pile causes kinks and stress which lead to leaks. Leaks lead to lost product, dangerous slips and if you are using fuel, you know the answer.

4. If its on the floor its in the way

You and your staff maybe pretty good with the forks or pallet truck but sooner or later your hose is getting run over.

5. Pegs and hooks damage hose

The rusty nail currently holding your hose is the quickest way to puncture your hose. Hose stored on reels will last a lot longer and is less likely to need repair.

There are many more reasons but we think these are enough. Still not convinced? give us a call 01223 96 94 99