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Hose Reel Swivel Is Leaking

Leaking Swivel

There could be several reasons for your hose reel swivel to leak.

Here are some of the most common.

Worn "O" Ring

Problem: The "O" ring is worn or the wrong "O" ring is being used for the material being handled.

Solution: Replace the worn or incorrect "O" ring.

Incorrect Install

Problem: The swivel assembly maybe loose or not enough thread sealant has been used on the shaft threads.

Solution: Apply more thread sealant and re-tighten the swivel assembly.

Cracked Swivel Joint

Problem: Extremely cold conditions can sometimes causes fluid in the swivel to freeze and the swivel assembly to crack.

Solution: Please contact us to arrange a new swivel assembly.

We advice all of our clients to discharged there hose reels and if possible protect the swivel joint approproiately when we expirence extreemely cold weather

Working Pressure To High

Problem: More pressure is being applied to the reel than the recommended pressure of the hose reel.

Solution: Confirm the hose reel is rated to the pressure you are using. If you are usnure please contact our sales team with your model and serial number of the reel so we can advise on how best to remedy the problem as the procedure may change depending on model.

Solid Inlet Pipework

Problem: The feed to the inlet of the reel has been connected in solid piping. This will cause excessive binding to the main shaft and hub bearings causing the excessive wear on the seals and swivel thread.

Solution: Replace solid pipework with a flexible hose.

If the swivel still leaks the seals maybe damaged and need to be replaced - please contact our sales team for advice.