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Specialist Hose Reels

Take control of your hose management

Hose Reels Direct supply industrial hose reels for every conceivable application.

  • Maximise safety in hazardous areas
  • Protect operators and other personnel
  • Increase hose operation efficiency
  • Dramatically reduce hose damage

Compressed Air | Water | Oil | Grease | CO2 | Diesel | Jet A1 | Drinking Water | Jet wash | Hydraulic Fluid | Chemicals | Pesticides

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refuelling reel being used in a farm yard

Image Model Type Hose Ø Length For use with Build More Info
BAR5020-001 Safety Barrier Reel n/a 20 m 50mm woven safety strap UPVC Plastic More Info
BD1015-001 Breathing Air Reel 10mm (3/8") 15 m Breathing air supply for respirators UPVC Plastic More Info
BD1020-001 Breathing Air Reel 10mm (3/8") 20 m Breathing air supply for respirators UPVC Plastic More Info
ME-070-2503-600 Spring 25mm (1") 13 m Fuel,Kerosene (Avgas) Stainless Steel More Info
EZ-P Series More Info
EZ-SH Series More Info
EZ-T Series More Info
1125-6-100-SP Hand Crank 25mm (1") 30 m Oil,Fuel,Kerosene (Avgas) Stainless Steel More Info
ME-070-2508-600 Spring 25mm (1") 15 m Diesel Stainless Steel More Info
OP615-001 Oxy/Propane reel 06mm (1/4") 15 m Dual Oxy/Propane welding/cutting gases UPVC Plastic More Info
V-117-850 Manual Crank 38mm (1.5") 15 m Vacuum Steel More Info
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