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Workshops & Garages

We supply reels for all garages & mechanical workshops.

  • Airlines - We supply hose reels for air lines using pneumatic tools so your hose is kept safe, off the floor and ready exactly where you need it when you need it.
  • Greasing - Keep expensive grease hose off the floor away from potential damage.
  • Oil Transfer - Avoid any mess from leaking hose and present a professional work place.
  • Under Bench Reel – Our LG Series is ideal for an compact installations and have been designed to fit under work benches so your hose is always where you want it when you want it.

Image Model Type Hose Ø Length For use with Build More Info
AW1015-001 Workshop Reel 10mm (3/8") 15 m Compressed Air, Cold Water UPVC Plastic More Info
ME-070-1302-320 Spring 10mm (3/8") 20 m Compressed Air, Cold Water Steel More Info
ME-070-1307-118 Spring 06mm (1/4") 18 m Grease Steel More Info
SHW-N-375-BGX-OP Spring 10mm (3/8") 23 m Oxy/Propane Steel More Info
OA815-001 Oxy/Acetylene reel 08mm (5/16") 15 m Dual Oxy/Acetylene welding gases UPVC Plastic More Info
V-117-850 Manual Crank 38mm (1.5") 15 m Vacuum Steel More Info
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