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Hose Reels For

Breweries & Food Production

Reasons to buy // No more tangled hose, hygienic products, professional looking environment

Image Model Type Hose Ø Length For use with Build More Info
HDWG-12 Heavy duty brass water gun with 1/2" swivel connection 12mm (1/2") N/A Hot & Cold Water Brass Body More Info
HW1215-001 Complete spring rewind UPVC hose reel package 12mm (1/2") 15 m Hot & Cold Water Cleaning UPVC Plastic More Info
ME-070-2304-415 Spring 12mm (1/2") 15 m Hot Water & Jet Wash Up to 150°C Stainless Steel More Info
FD1015-001 Food Gas Reel 10mm (3/8") 15 m CO2, Nitrogen, Cold Water UPVC Plastic More Info
ME-070-2402-425 Spring 12mm (1/2") 25 m Compressed Air, Cold Water Stainless Steel More Info
ME-079-1778-150 Wall mounted pivot bracket N/A N/A Compatible with FX400 Series, FX460 Series Stainless Steel More Info
ME-070-2305-315CO2 Spring 10mm (3/8") 15 m CO2 Stainless Steel More Info
ME-070-2301-400 Complete stainless steel hose reel package 12mm (1/2") 15 m Hot & Cold Water Cleaning Stainless Steel More Info
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